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ClearBridge Media Consulting  is the regions leading marketing and brand building firm for a reason; because we care about each and every project as if it were our own. We take the time to learn about what your needs are and then use our tools to execute a well designed plan. 

Courtesy Consultation

We begin with a free, one hour phone or in-person consultation to explore the possibility of working together. During this meeting, we will learn as much as possible about your company’s marketing needs. We will also introduce ClearBridge Media Consulting and explain our history and how we add value to the clients we serve.
Initial Assessment

After our initial meeting, our team will review all that we’ve learned, conduct some of our own background and industry research and discuss how we might be of service to you.

Next, we will develop a proposal outlining our assessment findings, our understanding of your needs, and our preliminary plan for helping you succeed. We will present this proposal, answer any questions and discuss the next steps. If all are in agreement to proceed, will enter into a contract and begin a comprehensive audit.
Comprehensive Audit

Our team will look across your entire business operations and provide a comprehensive audit of your marketing and communications efforts and opportunities. We will work with your team to research and assess:

✔ Your business (history, products/services, culture, employees, current marketing programming, biggest successes, challenges, current online presence, points of difference)

✔ Your industry (industry health, key players, trends, predictions, influencers)

✔ Your audience (who are they, where are they, what level are they, how do they communicate, pain points and how you can help, who they consider to be influencers)

✔ Your competitors (who are they, how their products/services compare to yours, how they market, key selling points, biggest successes, challenges, what you can do that they can’t

✔ Your business goals and objectives (short term, long term)
Marketing Goals & Objectives

Using your overall business goals and objectives, we will create a set of each that will be specific to how marketing can help support them.
Marketing Strategy

We will outline a strategy for achieving the marketing goals and objectives outlined in Step 5.
Action Plan & Implementation

This is where things get really exciting as we look across the entire marketing landscape and recommend the mix of tools and tactics that will most effectively execute your strategy and achieve your goals. Your ClearBridge team will fully implement this action plan.
Measures & Analytics

We will work with you to outline a set of criteria that we will use to measure your program’s progress. We will put analytics in place and monitor them on an ongoing basis. While we will keep a close eye on progress daily and recommend adjustments as needed, you will receive a formal report each month.
"ClearBridge's eight simple steps will make the difference each and every time."
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